Lifeguard Ambulance Links Page

Here you will find links to useful company tools, information and other resources.

HEMS Links

If you have been updated to the new consolidated HEMS platform please use the NEW link, and if you have not been updated please continue using the OLD link. Thank You!


Need help with IT Related Issues? Click on the link on the left titled "Request I.T. Support" to access your ServiceNow portal site. From this site, you can review progress on open incidents and requests (tickets), create new incidents or new requests, and view helpful notifications of maintenance on our outage alerts. To contact IT Service and Support by phone call: 877-662-4615. We are available Mon - Fri 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST. After Hours I.T. Emergency? Call the same number and follow the prompts for 24x7 365 support.

Can't access a service?

Did you know that you can check services before submitting a ticket? If you cannot access a critical service, you can use the link on the top left to check the status of the service to see whether it may be down or under maintenance. Please give the page time to load as it checks the services from multiple locations at once. Our technical teams are alerted to any alarms triggered here so there is no need to submit a ticket unless the service is green and you still cannot access it. Thanks!